Rebranding Moccasin

Every new  generation laughs at the old generation but follows it fashion religiously.  A moccasin is a shoe made of deerskin or soft leather consisting of a sole. It is intended for outdoor use. Historically, it is a footwear of many indigenous people of North America. It was later embraced by hunters,traders and European settlers. Moccasin protects the foot while allowing the wearer to feel the ground. These Moccasins are laced in the front and lacing is covered with a flap fastened with a buckle at the shoe’s outside. There are basically of two types known as driving Moccasins and work boot moccasin. These shoes have been rebranded to trend within the USA and Asian continent as seen in several videos and movies. It has a lot of Historical and cultural values which dates back to 1800s.The word moccasin can also denote a shoe of deer leather adorned with laces.

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