How To Mix Elegance And Street Wears

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. Your style should be unique but more importantly comfortable and simple to get into it. The old fashion tradition was just a suit over a shirt and some cooperate shoes on the feet. People got tired of being the same version of themselves everyday and had to create something new and unique by blending elegance with street wears. A typical example is found in wearing a suit over a T-shirt and with sneakers. Sometimes it is also common to find a suit and a turtle neck Polo Shirt instead of the usual shirt. These are new trends that keeps the fashion world innovative. Our featured picture here is the real example of blending elegance and street wears. Despite the brightness of some colors such as red,green,yellow,  you can still rock its combination with some elegant taste. The combination of a red suit, white T-shirt and white sneakers is a perfect finish to this combo. You stand out quite different from the crowd and you don’t end up looking overdressed all the time. Workers get tired of wearing same attires to their place of work day in and out. This combination gives a perfect dressing code for business meetings, seminars and all other occasions that permits you to appear classic or in some formal way. The shirt and sneakers leaves you with comfort that could make you stay out longer in them rather than the ordinary shirt all the time. It is a good thing to be unique in your style but most importantly be comfortable in them. Some fashion icons even define style as “saying what you feel and don’t really giving a damn of what people think or feel about it”.

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