Traveling To Paris

Life is short and the world is wide.Those who say traveling is expensive are just ill-informed. You can still make a travel plan and visit your desired places and spots around the world without necessarily spending luxuriously . If you make up your mind during winter,summer and even spring to take a break and catch some new air, then I’ll recommend Paris as a destination for you to feel every moment of it.
Paris is the capital and most famous city of France. It is one of Europe’s major centers of finance,commerce, fashion and arts. According to cost of living surveys carried out in 2018, Paris was the second most expensive city in the world after Singapore,Zurich,Hong Kong, Oslo and Geneva. Paris is known for its museums and architectural landmarks. The Louvre is the most visited art museum in the wold since 2018 with 10.2 million visitors. The Eiffel Tower is also one of those visited touristic sides. It has a lot of History buried down in it. Paris is named the city of Love because of the tower. Lovers across Europe and the world at large usually made their vows around this tower. The area became very popular. Most people who visit Paris will end up taking beautiful shots  beside this tower as it is today the most popular symbol in Paris. Around the tower,there is an area with a chain of locks that lovers make their vows and lock them up there so that they can never depart from their vows. Paris is also often referred to as the city of light both because of its leading role during the age of enlightenment and more literally because Paris was one of the large European cities to use gas street lighting on Grand scale on its boulevards and monuments.
Paris has a typical western European oceanic climate which is mostly affected by the North Atlantic current. The overall climate throughout the year is mild and moderately wet making it possible to visit at any time of the year.
Paris also has a lot of good hotels due to its touristic attractions. Hotels that are well sophisticated such as the Hotel Bristol,Hotel George, and Hotel Ritz which are all making your stay comfortable.The city of Paris is also remarkable for hosting of many sport events such as the 1998 FIFA World cup, the great cycling tours, the popular 2007 Rugby World cup, the Paris saint-Germain which is one of the most popular football clubs in the world which has contributed to the City’s popularity.You can equally decide to sail in the surrounding Atlantic ocean to catch abetter view of the city and the extremes. Paris is the right destination for you to travel to and make memories of arts,architecture and science.

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