How to Match up a Red suit

Life is too short to be the same person every day. Speak forth with your ideas through Style. Fashion may fade but style is eternal. Most people shy away from a red suit due to its brightness. You can still style up your red suit and give yourself that classic look.This is how you can match up a red color suit to have a smart look.Pick up an accessory such as a hat with a band. The red suit should match the color of the band on the hat. You can chose to wear a white turtle neck polo beneath your suit. The white turtle neck matches the hat so as to give it a contrast and a blend. It is traditionally believed that a suit basically fits just with a shirt beneath. Today,the creation of style and fashion from different icons has given an elegant or classic look to match up a turtle  neck or t-shirt and suit. Turtle neck is a high, round collar polo sweater that folds over on itself and covers the neck. It bests fits with some casual dress code but when combined with a suit, it makes you unique and you stand out different from the old fashion tradition of Shirt and suit. It is also good to complement the dressing with an accessory such as a hat to give it a perfect finish. The key factor to note here is your color preference of the suit and the hat. You must make a beautiful color combination to give that dashing look in your suit.Every book’s chapter is different,be you and be different.

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