Five Eye Catching Spots in Japan

Most people believe that traveling is an adventure you must have a deep pocket before you embark on. Well, that is not true because you can still visit valuable places with the little you got if you plan well. Its just about your planning. Visiting Japan leaves you with 5 remarkable or memorable spots which is not easy to forget. The very first is the Tokyo sky-tree. It is the second tallest structure in the world with height of about 2,080 feet with neo-futuristic design makes it a unique architecture with a captivating sight. Getting to the top floors of this building gives you a breath taking view of the city and nearby mountains. The second eye catching spots is the kinkaku-ji,”The Golden Pavilion” which is a Zen Buddhist temple in Tokyo. It’s golf-leaf plating makes it an astonishing beautiful structure. It is said to house relics or ashes of Buddha. The surrounding is remarkable with a pond and Garden and some statues where strangers drop coins on for good luck. Another eye catching spot in Japan is The Robot Restaurant Cabaret. A famous world tourist restaurant with live entertainment located in the heart of Shinjuku,Tokyo. Your dinning experience and the entertainment will transport you like hundred of years into the future. The restaurant is full of entertainment such as go-go dancers to giant fighting robot dinosaurs. Going into the forest you’ll see the Fushimi Inari-taisha which is an ancient shrine that offers unforgettable beauty and stunning scenery. Built in 711 AD,the shrine has a lot of history of Japan’s Shinto tradition. Getting to the mountain,you’ll see paths lined with torii,iconic sacred gates painted bright orange and black. It is open all hours and has no entrance fee to go in. The fifth spot to remember about Japan is the Dotonbori. It is located in the much-beloved city of Osaka, along the the Dotonbori canal. It showcases the best that Japan has to offer in terms of food,views and entertainment. I bet you that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the brilliant illuminated billboards and mechanized signs that lines the district’s waterside. There is the presence of restaurants boasting decedent bowl of ramen,as well as dishes specific to Osaka such as tako-yaki and okonomiyaki. Be sure to experience Dotonbori at night so you can soak in the views of its epic lighting. Japan is one of the places to make a tourist view or to visit.

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