Suits and Sneakers trend

The rules of footwear,particularly with Sneakers meant that Sneakers were acceptable when playing sports or engaging in some sort of physical activities. Times changed thanks to the thriving trend and the endless array of sneaker option in the market. Your favorite kicks are no longer just related to the gym. The million dollar question is,can guys really wear a suit with sneakers? Suit and-tie guys have suffered long enough with aching feet from wearing dress or corporate shoes to the office day in,and day out. This concept is brand new in the fashion world. Celebrities like David Beckham and Will Smith have been spotted in Suits and some stylish Sneakers in some events. Twin brothers Adam and Ryan Goldstone know a thing or two about pulling off a successful suit and sneaker combo. The duo are former college athletes who founded ATHLETIC PROPULSION LABS (A.P.L),A popular foot brand which is worn by everyone today. According to Ryan,the most important thing to note when matching a suit and sneakers is the cut of the pant. You should wear the pant shorter or half inch above the top of your shoe so that your pants has no break. He also suggests a Taper pants to match up with your suit and sneakers. The most important thing to note about this dress code is the comfort and fitness it leaves you with. Rather than looking overdressed and too serious all the time,you can try something new.

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