Introducing The Modern Day African Gentleman Brand

Would you rather fit in or stand out ? Most people would rather fit in inorder to catch up with daily trends, but how about incorporating the attitude of standing out from every crowd and do wear what differs from the eyes of the majority ? Introducing  the Newest Fashion Brand  ( TN), i  term this combination ” The Modern African Gentleman “. This is a fusion or blend of African fabrics (couture) the Italian Fashion Style and abit of Casual Polish, The Pants includes the Vintage High Waists Styles and the Hat is lined with thesame fabric to deliver a reflective colour match.  My inspiration comes from where i was born (Africa), where i live (Europe ) and the urge to project an men in a gentle manner. The joy of creating and accomplishment of this project has been overwhelming and am super excited to bring to the world the new Fashion Feel, For every minute spent on this project has been appreciated and will never be considered as waisted as it takes time to have quality and style in one piece. More to come on this brand. We had love to hear your feedback on this new brand. Drop a feed back.

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